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David Perrin

“Software Acquisition has come through time and again, with fast, reliable SSL certificates, plus specialized, attentive support for many other difficult projects that have come up over the years. We are always thankful …”

David Perrin, Linux Admin, Carolina Population Center


By the Numbers

User Support & Engagement annual report statistics. Office 365: University users stored a total of 48 million files in OneDrive as of July 2019. University users access between 3 and 5 million active files each month in OneDrive. Service Desk: 84.7% of the time when customers contacted the Service Desk via chat or 962-HELP, the issue was resolved during that first contact. The target was 80%. Business Systems Help Desk: customer satisfaction index is 4.9/5 and there was a 10.74% return rate on survey of 991 out of 9223 solved.

User Support & Engagement annual report statistics continued. Computer Repair Center: Lenovo made up 39% of the repairs completed for UNC and Orange County customers. The CRC has been in the top 10% of Lenovo Service Providers in the eastern US for 5 consecutive years. Assistance requests requiring no repairs decreased from 1,149 to 449 requests. This is due to better troubleshooting, collaboration, and communication between the Computer Repair Center and the Service Desk. Total assistance requests included 5% no-repair requests, decreasing from 14% to 5%.