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Mohit Bansal

“ITS regularly assisted our group’s students to set up their login and permissions so as to successfully use the (DGX GPU) cluster, and has managed the cluster well so that there was no malfunction or other technical issues that caused any problem for my students during important conference deadlines.”

Mohit Bansal, Director, Natural Language Processing Lab


By the Numbers

Research Computing annual report statistics. NIST 800-53 compliant Secure Research Workplace enclaves provided for 15 projects across campus. Dogwood MPI Research Cluster processed 1,016,367 jobs using 67,295,853 CPU-hours for 219 users across 95 PI-groups. Longleaf Research Cluster processed 31,484,840 jobs using 68,440,634 CPU-hours for 1,319 users across 504 PI-groups. Mass data storage stored approximately 5.8 PB and 105 million files. Long-term data storage included 3.9 PB and 1.5 billion files.