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Ray Reitz

Director of Information Technology for Finance and Operations

Ray Reitz

Ray Reitz

During the Spring, we approached ITS Infrastructure & Operations to discuss a major risk in the stability of F&O’s file storage environment. One of the two primary servers hosting critical data supporting Facilities Services had passed its end-of-life limits. The likelihood of an unplanned hardware failure was almost certain. The consequences of a failure would have been major in terms of services disruption, lost productivity and the cost of recreating access to data.

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of the Infrastructure & Operations Team, the stability of F&O’s storage environment took a giant leap forward. During a one-week period, 3.3 million files and 4.7TB of data successfully migrated to a new storage solution. The I&O Team used a new process and new tools that enabled us to move these files and also the access privileges. This resulted in staff coming into the office on Monday morning and accessing the files under the same names and connections that they used on Friday. This was a huge win for our customers and those who support them. The results of the migration exceeded our expectations.

The success of this project was no accident. It followed weeks of planning, testing, collaboration and communication. We’d like to express our gratitude to the ITS Infrastructure team for the support we received during the this migration effort: John Mack, Brent Caison, Richard Hill, Carlos Webb, Donald Barnes, Hung Pham and Matt Conley.

A special thanks to Carlos and Donald, who were there from start to finish. We sincerely appreciate their commitment to making this as successful as possible for our customers.

Thanks again for helping us keep customer data as safe and secure as possible.