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Karen Echols, Scott Berrier and Manisha Mittal

IIT Team at the UNC School of Nursing

Scott Berrier, Manisha Mittal and Karen Echols

Scott Berrier, Manisha Mittal and Karen Echols

The ITS Teaching & Learning team has always been an invaluable source of information and support for the School of Nursing. From our time using Blackboard through the transition to Sakai and our current efforts to improve our course sites, they helped us with the migration of courses, the training of our faculty, and to troubleshoot any queries we had.

Over the years, whenever our students encounter complex, one-off issues while navigating the learning management system, the ITS team has always been able to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution in a timely and friendly manner. All the members whom we interact with regularly – Thao Nghi Tu, Morgon Haskell, Marla Sullivan, Andy Brawn – answer the question at hand, and also provide relevant, additional information. This not only deepens our knowledge, but it also enables us to support our faculty and students better.

As we are consciously trying to use the Lessons tool across courses in Sakai, Morgon and Thao Nghi have helped to answer several queries and share best practices. We were very fortunate that Morgon was able to participate in a faculty development workshop at the School of Nursing in May to show our faculty how to use some aspects of this tool. His knowledge of how the platform is being used across campus was also evident in his responses to faculty questions. Thao Nghi has also helped out at our Student Orientation event in recent years to guide students around Sakai. This has been very beneficial for students because they need to use the platform regularly and fluently to succeed in their nursing education with us.

We are very grateful to the ITS team for their guidance, and look forward to continuing our partnership with them to support faculty and students at the School of Nursing.