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Andrew Ochs

Instructional Web Developer, Gillings School of Public Health

I do Sakai support for the Gillings School of Global Public Health, so the Teaching & Learning Interactive team is who I go to when I’m helping an instructor with something pretty obscure or complicated and need their expertise. They’re always very helpful and responsive, and I never get the sense that my often-times involved and frequent questions are a burden.

We use Mediasite for lecture capture at the school, and Morgon Haskell was extremely helpful in guiding us through a custom Basic LTI set-up in Sakai to connect our lecture capture catalogs to their corresponding Sakai sites. We never would have figured it out without his help.

Recently an instructor was having difficulty with the Poll Everywhere integration, and Marla Sullivan was really detailed and helpful in her explanation of the issues going on, which involved quirks of the Poll Everywhere grading report system, and also student accounts that hadn’t been set up correctly. It was something we were having a very hard time getting to the bottom of.

Andy Brawn and Thao Nghi Tu are also terrific. They answer the bulk of my more standard Sakai questions, from requesting a development site to working out student or instructor issues in different Sakai tools, and they are always great to deal with. If I can handle something myself and avoid having to submit a ticket that’s great, but knowing I’ve got them as a backup is very comforting.