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Enterprise applications annual report statistics. Between July 2018- June 2019, there were 500,542 total course enroll and drop actions entered by students, 435,413 paychecks issued, 8,690,170 logins to ConnectCarolina, and 25,454 help and service requests resolved.

Delivered allocations for Infrastructure and Operations includes VMware, Storage and Citrix total. In VMware, there was 20.5 TB RAM, 5,286 vProcessors, 1,702 virtual machine guests. Storage included 293 TB to VMware, 400 TB to alta vault (cloud), 1.1 PB to The Citrix total included 785 published applications, 523 UNC apps, and 262 (DUO) toolbox.


Security, Privacy & Identity Management annual report statistics. 1,153 Lyris lists created, 18.5 million SSO authentications in the past 90 days. 43.8 billion unwanted connections blocked by network security systems. There were 23 incidents from last July to June 2019. There were 1,945 email accounts compromised from 2017-2018 compared to only 207 accounts from 2018-2019. 25,012 duo accounts created and 48,860 MFA accounts enabled, 17,187 Onyens created and 8,883 Guest IDs created.

Security, Privacy & Management annual report statistics. Grouper groups created: 1,137 ServiceNow, 2,649 application, 396 Posix groups, 200 non-course-based reference, 2,700 course-based reference, and 7,250 ConnectCarolina reference. Total groups is 13,000. Email accounts provisioned: 2,143 employees and 8,041 students. Total email accounts provisioned is 12,201. Total emails sent: 673 informational messages, 162 formal messages, 835 mass emails, and 9,003,254 in total. Risk assessment includes 56 completed, 66 opened and 4 cancelled.

Enterprise reporting annual report statistics. 12,852,892 Infoporte queries/ reports run, 7,445 distinct Infoporte users, $3,808,273.04 external core orders and $18,110,075.25 total core orders.

Research Computing annual report statistics. NIST 800-53 compliant Secure Research Workplace enclaves provided for 15 projects across campus. Dogwood MPI Research Cluster processed 1,016,367 jobs using 67,295,853 CPU-hours for 219 users across 95 PI-groups. Longleaf Research Cluster processed 31,484,840 jobs using 68,440,634 CPU-hours for 1,319 users across 504 PI-groups. Mass data storage stored approximately 5.8 PB and 105 million files. Long-term data storage included 3.9 PB and 1.5 billion files.

Teaching & Learning annual report statistics. 147,372 virtual lab hours were used. 14,497 polls created on Poll Everywhere. 51,843 viewers of videos hosted on WarpWire. 137, 340 virtual lab sessions. The amount of voice threads created increased by 60%. 7,559 Sakai course sites were created. 6,617,881 pages printed using CCI printers.


User Support & Engagement annual report statistics. Office 365: University users stored a total of 48 million files in OneDrive as of July 2019. University users access between 3 and 5 million active files each month in OneDrive. Service Desk: 84.7% of the time when customers contacted the Service Desk via chat or 962-HELP, the issue was resolved during that first contact. The target was 80%. Business Systems Help Desk: customer satisfaction index is 4.9/5 and there was a 10.74% return rate on survey of 991 out of 9223 solved.

User Support & Engagement annual report statistics continued. Computer Repair Center: Lenovo made up 39% of the repairs completed for UNC and Orange County customers. The CRC has been in the top 10% of Lenovo Service Providers in the eastern US for 5 consecutive years. Assistance requests requiring no repairs decreased from 1,149 to 449 requests. This is due to better troubleshooting, collaboration, and communication between the Computer Repair Center and the Service Desk. Total assistance requests included 5% no-repair requests, decreasing from 14% to 5%.