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US&E team members were vital to ServiceNow

The biggest technology project of the year required significant participation from the User Support & Engagement unit. US&E colleagues were embedded in the core project team, workstreams teams, testing groups and other ad hoc feedback groups.

Kate Hash
Kate Hash

“It felt like every week we were asking someone else to take on a new role or responsibility for the project,” said Kate Hash, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for User Support & Engagement. “This was a very demanding project and our awesome team members rose the challenge every single time.”

Service Desk participation proved critical

Participation from the Service Desk team was critical for success. Recognized across campus as “power users” of the old system, Service Desk team members’ feedback, insight, and customer focus were crucial for understanding the impact that the upcoming implementation would have on both fulfillers and end users.

“A member of the Service Desk team was on every single group associated with the project,” said Hash. “We benefitted immensely from their expertise and input, which kept us focused on customer experience and impact.”

Sharon Glover
Sharon Glover

While the ServiceNow project and workstream teams were busy planning for implementation, the Service Desk management and staff not involved in the day-to-day of the project were just as busy making sure the operation was ready to assist our customers in the new platform.

Ingrid Camacho ran the day-to-day operation and worked behind the scenes to ensure that the teams were ready for the overall transition. An internal training team was formed that included Jason Cross, Tim Grant and Nick Bunitsky.

Training started in early June and included the basic training that campus was offered, as well as more in-depth training specific to Service Desk workflows.

“The Service Desk always meets the challenge and adapts to changes,” said Sharon Glover, Director of the Service Desk. “No matter what the tool of record, our goal is to ensure our customers receive the appropriate help to resolve their concern in a timely manner.”

New skills developed for the project

Erin Towne
Erin Towne

In many cases, team members were learning on the job over the course of the project. For example, prior to the project launch in March, program manager Alison Campbell had very limited experience with the platform. By the time the project launched, she had become the designated expert in the areas of Incident, Major Incident and Problem.

“On go-live day, Alison was hands-down one of our top three experts on campus on ServiceNow,” Hash said. “She is just one example of someone who jumped in and learned a ton about the platform.”

Similarly, Erin Towne, Walk-In Supervisor for the Service Desk, picked up the substantial undertaking of developing and leading a robust testing program. While some testing was done along the way, the aggressive project timeline meant the in-depth testing was conducted over a limited two-week period. This required significant outreach and engagement from Towne.

“I was amazed at how many people volunteered to help with UAT across campus,” Towne said. “All told we had over 110 fulfillers and end users from at least 15 departments on campus contribute their time to testing.”

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