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ITS tags Print Stop to acquire printing operations

In 2019, ITS made an agreement for the UNC Print Stop to take over ITS’ print operations.

In April 2019, the Print Stop assumed management oversight of the ITS printing operation, which includes check printing, 1099s, W-2s and basic printing services.

John Mack
John Mack

By fall 2019, ITS and the Print Stop were making plans for the Print Stop to take full ownership of ITS’ print operations and officially launch Print Stop Franklin on West Franklin Street on January 1, 2020. Previously, that was going to happen when the memorandum of understanding expires in April 2020.

As of October 1, 2019, new equipment had rolled into the print room in the basement of ITS Franklin, IP address changes for most of the existing infrastructure had been completed and the Print Stop was continuing efforts to re-imagine the print operations.

No longer a core function

The ITS printing is a legacy service that ITS (or its predecessor entities) has provided for more than half a century. Printing is no longer a core function for ITS as it sets its strategic sights on operational expertise in delivering cloud services. ITS announced in fall 2018 that it planned to cease its printing operations upon the expiration in November 2019 of its laser printer service contract with manufacturer Konica Minolta.

The UNC Print Stop is the campus’ leading print operator, providing printing and copying services for students, faculty, staff and departments. It is a unit within Finance and Operations’ Campus Enterprises group.

“We have a unique opportunity to work with a group that has printing as a core business function, and they are good at what they do,” John Mack, Assistant Vice Chancellor, ITS Infrastructure & Operations, said in April 2019.

Customers are in good hands

Through the partnership with the UNC Print Stop, ITS knew it could trust that its customers would receive the same high-quality service, flexibility and fast turnaround they had enjoyed as well as better options for their printing needs.

“We are excited to partner with ITS and continue the quality of service they have offered the University for years, furthering UNC Print Stop’s goal of affording the campus with reliable options for its unit printing needs,” Chuck Sockell, Associate Director of Auxiliary Services, said in April 2019. His responsibilities include overseeing the UNC Print Stop.

The partnership with the UNC Print Stop is a bold step forward to re-imagine printing service delivery.

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