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Teaching & Learning assists with ServiceNow launch

Suzanne Cadwell
Suzanne Cadwell

ITS Teaching & Learning staff members logged an estimated 750 hours toward the launch of ServiceNow, including training, webinars and participation in sessions at the ServiceNow Retreat.

One Teaching & Learning employee, Morgon Haskell, Technology Support Specialist, served on the Service Request & Catalog Workstream team for the ServiceNow project.

In the first month or two following the launch of ServiceNow, it was still too early to know the degree to which ServiceNow would change how Teaching & Learning conducts business.

“I will say that our development team has begun to take advantage of ServiceNow’s APIs to recreate forms and notifications that we relied upon in Remedy,” said Suzanne Cadwell, Teaching & Learning Director. “For the Classroom Hotline, working with ServiceNow is easier when taking customer calls. Relevant information can be entered more quickly, and the ability to reply directly through Outlook and have that update the worklog is a vast improvement. It greatly streamlines the process for both customers and for Hotline staff.”

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