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Student team assists ITS communications over summer

During summer 2019, ITS Communications and ITS Digital Services enlisted a team of five student workers — four journalism students and one recent graduate who double majored in Computer Science and English — to lend a hand during an especially busy time. It was the first time the two groups had hired a team of student workers for the summer, employed that many students at once during any time of the year, and shared student resources.

Isabella Gonzalez, Anne Claire Foreman, Jacob Saunders, Isabel Uzsoy and Claire Maloney pose in front of a bush
From left, Isabella Gonzalez, Anne Claire Foreman, Jacob Saunders, Isabel Uzsoy and Claire Maloney

With each working 25 to 30 hours a week, the students assisted Communications with writing, reporting, photography, graphic design and social media, and Digital Services with preparations for the launch of ServiceNow. Stories they reported include ResNET builds gaming arena in Craige Hall, Campus embraces Zoom video conferencing, Research Computing customer case studies, and multiple articles about ServiceNow. The students also played a significant role in the LinkedIn Learning migration project and helped the Information Security Office, Managed Desktop Services and the Digital Accessibility Office with various communications and marketing efforts.

The students wrote dozens of stories; shot and/or organized hundreds of photos; and designed logos, website materials, presentation templates and magnets. They provided fresh perspectives, radiated enthusiasm, and demonstrated communication skills beyond their years. The experience was so beneficial to ITS and the students that all three students who remained at the University for the Fall 2019 semester continued on as part-time employees with Communications and Digital Services.

The Hussman School of Journalism and Media helped make the summer program possible by promoting the job openings to its students. The search drew such an abundance of qualified applicants that ITS chose to hire more students than originally anticipated.

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