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ITS rolls out ServiceNow

ITS launched ServiceNow in July 2019 to replace Carolina’s old Remedy system as the University’s primary ticketing software.

ServiceNow is a platform for automating business and support processes. ServiceNow changed how ITS manages its service requests and how other departments that used Remedy for support infrastructure manage their own service requests. Such departments include the School of Medicine and School of Nursing.

The project actually began three years before the launch. The scope of the project narrowed in January 2019 in order to bring the benefits of the system to users sooner.

ServiceNow team poses with celebratory cake
ServiceNow team members at a launch celebration

As ITS’ biggest technology project of the year, ServiceNow required significant participation from across the organization and campus. In addition to the 15-member team managing the project, more than 75 people across campus also worked on the rollout.

Some staff members of ITS, such as the Global Systems team within Infrastructure & Operations, spent as much as 15 and 20 hours per week on the project for the duration of the engagement of ServiceNow vendor Contender — about half their time.

Kate Hash
Kate Hash

Team members from the Service Desk team, meanwhile, provided feedback, insight and customer focus that were crucial for understanding the impact that the implementation would have on both fulfillers and end users.

“It felt like every week we were asking someone else to take on a new role or responsibility for the project,” said Kate Hash, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for User Support & Engagement.

A month following the launch of ServiceNow, campus members were acclimating to and finding value in ServiceNow, as indicated by user feedback and usage stats.

In the first month, the University’s new ServiceNow platform received 10,000 incident tickets, of which 9,700 were resolved. In addition, 8,000 service requests were received, one major incident was logged, 155 changes were submitted and 228 new knowledge base articles were created.

The ability to link changes and incidents will give ITS improved visibility into the impact of its operations, said Matthew Mauzy, Practice Owner for Major Incident.

Since the launch, the ServiceNow group has been working to stabilize the platform, engage with customers, rapidly deliver enhancements that ITS customers need, develop new service requests and improve reporting. In addition, the group wants to onboard the University’s Finance and Operations division and some non-IT units.

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