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John McGee becomes Research Computing’s interim director

John McGee
John McGee

Like with some other divisions within ITS, ITS Research Computing made interim leadership changes in 2019 as a result of executive changes elsewhere in ITS.

In March 2019, John McGee, who has more than 30 years of experience in a series of information technology roles, began serving as Interim Director of ITS Research Computing. McGee has worked for Research Computing since August 2018 but has held various roles at UNC-Chapel Hill for 14 years.

Designating McGee as the primary leader of Research Computing was necessary after J. Michael Barker, who has led Research Computing for many years, was named Interim Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.

Both the systems team and the engagement team report to McGee.

Since taking on the primary leadership role of the division, McGee has worked toward enhancing the coordination between the systems and engagement teams, continuing to foster the proper use of cloud computing technologies, and preserving the foundational technologies and services that constitute UNC-Chapel Hill’s research cyber infrastructure.

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