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Enterprise Reporting enables clients to realize opportunities

Since the University began offering Tableau as an enterprise option in late May 2019, Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems has placed that platform at the forefront of its client outreach.

Rachel Serrano
Rachel Serrano

Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems (ERDS) is working with UNC-Chapel Hill schools, departments and offices and learning about its data needs. When those entities get set up on Tableau, ERDS will provide them with a standard set of enterprise data from which they can aggregate data on their own. Previously, ERDS would separately aggregate this data.

In early pilots, Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems has been working with the College of Arts and Sciences and the schools of Business, Education, Medicine and Public Health.

Rachel Serrano, Director of Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems, enjoys meeting with customers and explaining what’s possible.

“That’s the best part of my job,” she said. “They do get excited about the possibilities.”

Examples of customer assistance

Working with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems has designed data specifically for warehouses – a different data structure than the one found in ConnectCarolina – and created data reports that are more accessible than before. ERDS was part of Enterprise Applications, which manages ConnectCarolina, until becoming its own unit in April 2019.

Instead of manually manipulating data in ConnectCarolina, Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems designed a method to automate data analysis for Admissions. From the first engagement, Admissions has been able to easily examine the population of applicants, admits and enrollees who have been awarded financial aid, and track that data over time. That’s the first step in understanding how financial aid makes a difference in the matriculation decisions of admitted students.

ERDS team
ERDS team

Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems also has been helping with the HR and procurement piece of Operational Excellence. Within a few weeks, ERDS created dashboards that enable Operational Excellence to track progress to determine if it is meeting weekly goals. For instance, one goal is determining if hiring is happening faster. Data collection is now automated, and Operational Excellence can manage metrics week to week.

“We’re now able to move quickly to turn governance over to people specifically working on projects,” Serrano said. “This has enabled us to provide dashboard support with very quick turnaround.”

How clients benefit

In this work with its clients, Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems is helping the University make decisions with data and support and improve the process.

ERDS is gathering data, building in business rules, making it accessible and providing data to customers in a platform that works for them. By supplying tools and support and engaging with the campus community, ERDS is enabling UNC-Chapel Hill schools and groups to realize opportunities achieved through data reporting and analytics.

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