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ConnectCarolina Makeover points to the future

Enterprise Applications staff members work on the Makeover project
Enterprise Applications staff members work on the Makeover project in May 2019

When users logged in to ConnectCarolina on May 20, 2019, they found new homepages with tiles similar to the ones they see on their smartphones and tablets. They also found they had new ways to get around in the system. Even the login page was new.

The change to ConnectCarolina, dubbed the ConnectCarolina Makeover, was the culmination of months of work by the ConnectCarolina team to upgrade to the newest version of the software behind ConnectCarolina. The highly visible payoff to campus was a more user-friendly ConnectCarolina.

Survey informed changes

A campus-wide survey provided the ConnectCarolina team with input on design elements like screen layout, colors and icons. The team also heard that campus users wanted navigating in ConnectCarolina to be easier and more intuitive. “Simplify the screens and make it easier for me to find what I’m looking for” was a common theme.

Armed with this input, the team created unique homepages fine-tuned to how students, employees and administrative staff use ConnectCarolina. For example, all UNC-Chapel Hill employees have a Self-Service home page with easy-to-access information related to their employment. The My Benefits tile on the Self-Service home page shows a summary of the employee’s health and retirement benefits selections, and the My Pay and Taxes tile is a one-stop-shop for paystubs, direct deposit and tax forms.

Better user experience

Everyone who uses ConnectCarolina has two or more homepages they can access with a click. Faculty members, for instance, can switch between their current Faculty Portal homepage and the Self-Service homepage and choose the one they prefer to be their default home page.

Behind the scenes, the 2017-2018 upgrades to the latest software version behind ConnectCarolina made the “makeover” possible and put the ConnectCarolina team in a position to more easily add new features and functionality enhancements down the road.

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